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Revive your old uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, kitchens, furniture and more

Using the latest paint spraying technology,
we can transform anything, making it
look like new again.

We can spray practically anything, just ask!

Kitchens can be turned around in about a week and can be done in between any other jobs you have because we take the doors away to our workshop and spraybooth, so no having to wait months for a complete revamp.

We are honest, reliable, punctual, polite and our after service is exceptional, just look at our reviews!

Look below for our latest transformation and check out our galleries for all our previous work with before and after pictures.

Revive your old uPVC windows, doors, conservatory or kitchen

Using the latest paint spraying technology, we can transform anything, making them look like new again.

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Please use the blue arrow to swipe left and right to see the before and after comparison.

This is usually where we would put a kitchen transformation but we just wanted to show the difference in getting the right person and the wrong person for the job.

These windows had been painted a while ago but they were full of mistakes, this one being a big example.

Whoever it was looks like they hadn’t prepared the surface properly so when the window was shut afterwards the paint has stuck to the seal on the opening.

They also didn’t take the window opening out to get around all of the edges on the actual opening and on the frame, as you can see here.

They didn’t take the silicone out before spraying. When you spray straight onto silicone it ends up cracking due to the movement in it over the hot and cold periods throughout the year. We took it out and went back after this picture to seal it with black silicone.

Make sure they take the window openings and silicone out or just use someone else. Less hassle.

There are more pictures of this beautiful transformation in our ‘Windows & Doors’ gallery.

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We spray all kinds of uPVC, metal and wooden windows. Let us show you how good and brand new looking your old windows can look with our professional spray service.


Your doors are the focal point of your house. Transform the look of yours with a splash of colour.

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Kitchens are very expensive to replace.

We are experts at taking your old kitchen and making it look brand new.

Why not try a two toned kitchen?

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Let us upgrade your furniture at our workshop and spray booth.

It doesn’t have to be out with the old and in with the new, why not upcycle your existing furniture with a bespoke spray and finish?

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